The Vitality Story

Compassionate care.




Absolute Customer Satisfaction.

Those are the guiding principles that create a strong foundation for Vitality Concierge Services, LLC.—a locally owned and operated service provider specializing in removing the unwanted stressors and worries from the daily rigors of life.

Who I Work For:

 “When I was a little girl, it was common practice to assist elders in the community. Also (growing up with my mother, grandmother, and extended family members) I was always inspired to help give time and services to people in needs… especially to new moms and senior citizens.

Those interests never took a back seat to the type of adult I would become and it was more evident as my family saw our matriarch battle a variety of chronic illnesses to which she ultimately succumbed to at 72 years young. During this experience, I personally assisted with caring for my grandmother and observed the compassionate care provided by her children, friends, and other community members. What stood out more than anything is how valuable love can be during this great time of need.

From time to time, I still reflect on my grandma’s life, teachings, and legacy. She was a highly revered and spirited woman full of vitality… hence she is the inspiration for Vitality Concierge Services, LLC.”


Angela Johnson Davis, founder and managing director, has a doctoral degree in Health Education and Promotion, two masters’ degrees, one in Information Technology (IT) and the other in Health Studies.  Angela has nearly 20 years of experience working in the public health and healthcare sectors.  Some of Angela’s personal and professional experiences with the aging population has consisted of: being a personal caregiver for chronically and terminally-ill family members during several intervals, volunteering with a local hospice organization, and has worked as a Public Health Analyst, Project Officer/Manager, and Senior Scientist for a Federal Agency and non-profit that advocates for and supports Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.  Angela’s professional and personal experiences have uniquely prepared her to manage and direct several facets of client care and act as a resource person.  These experiences have provided Angela with a wealth of practical knowledge to develop a high quality service organization.


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