A Paradigm Shift: Why Small Businesses Are Using Concierge Services to Achieve Work/Life Balance

In today’s competitive market, businesses understand the true value of time. A large majority of employees struggle with optimizing productivity at work and maintaining a desirable quality of life outside of work.

By minimizing these work/life imbalances, employees are more capable of achieving and enjoying a healthier lifestyle while also improving productivity at work.

That is why numerous companies have begun to implement on-site concierge programs, in an effort to supplement long-standing worksite wellness programs.

As a result, these businesses have noticed improvements in employees’ levels of commitment, job performance, and reduced stress levels.

A concierge solution enables employees to focus on work and help balance their professional and personal lives.

Further, on-site and remote concierge services are a powerful and strategic recruitment/tool/initiative that allows businesses to not only attract and retain the best employees; but also assists them with effectively managing their time.

Implementing an on-site or remote concierge positively impacts a business’ return on investment and directly impacts the bottom line; thus resulting in increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, enhanced motivation, and increased commitment by 21st century employees.

Vitality Concierge Services provides business concierge solutions that will enable your organization to differentiate from competition and demonstrate forward thinking solutions for the optimal well-being of your workforce.