How Does Non-Medical In Home Care Help Seniors?

At a certain point in life, your loved ones may need more help than you are able to provide. Vitality Concierge Services focuses on enhancing the life of seniors with a variety of non-medical in home services for seniors that provide a variety of added benefits, including (but not limited to)…

Companionship and Assistance with Daily Needs

Professionals providing companionship to seniors and assisting them with their daily needs (e.g., running errands, incidental transportation, light cleaning, meal preparation, etc.) provide added comfort and a renewed sense of independence so that they can peacefully enjoy their lives in the comforts of their home.

Prolongs Stay in Own Home

Seniors who receive assistance with meeting their daily needs are better positioned to remain comfortably in their own homes for longer periods, instead of leaving their natural environments prematurely to live in senior housing. These added assurances help seniors to achieve a better quality of life as they age gracefully, recover from an illness/surgery, and/or request companionship.

Heightened Autonomy

While many seniors may need care with their daily essential needs, a large majority still enjoy the freedoms of deciding their activities of interest and doing them in their own homes during their most convenient times.

Supplements Family Care

Non-medical senior care greatly benefits family members who are unable to personally care for a parent or loved one due to distance and/or scheduling demands. Regardless of the reasons, family members want to feel at peace knowing that their senior relative is cared and provided for compassionately and properly (with regular status checks/communication to loved ones) and has routine contact with someone on a daily basis.